In recognition of the extraordinary situation restricting our community’s access to one another during this year’s ICMC conference, we are opening a special call for works and experiences to be presented during ICMC 2021 within our virtual conference venue, hosted using the Mozilla Hubs platform. Mozilla Hubs is an open source, free to access web-based platform allowing participants easy access using traditional computer or mobile browsers, or using virtual reality head-mounted displays such as the Oculus Quest/Rift, HTC Vive or other similar products. 


Information Session: Saturday, February 13, 12:00 pm EST (via Zoom)

Preliminary submission/statement of interest: due Sunday February 28, 11:59:00 pm EST

Final submissions: due Sunday,  March 7, 11:59:00 pm EST

Submitted works can be virtual representations of sonic installations, interactive concert pieces, or wholly new experiences. Works can be situated within the virtual space provided by ICMC 2021 or can be XR projects linked to and accessible via the web. In keeping with the ICMC’s focus as a music and sound oriented gathering, works should be sonic in nature.

For interested parties, an information session will be held online Saturday, February 13 at 12:00 pm EST via Zoom. For access to the information session or with other questions regarding this special call please contact Rob Hamilton at

More information and tutorials for accessing Mozilla Hubs can be found at More detailed information about creating content and Hubs experiences can be found at

To submit, please go to the submission site and create a new XR Music submission.


Q: If I have already submitted a piece to ICMC 2020/2021, can I submit an additional work to this special call?

A: Yes, submissions to this special call may co-exist with existing submissions to ICMC 2020/2021.

Q: How should I submit my project for consideration for this special call?

A: It is expected that our team will help integrate your project into the ICMC venue, either as a room/space within our venue or as a linked experience. For final submissions, a demo scene showcasing your project should be running online as a Hubs experience for our team to evaluate, OR a video run-through of your project may be submitted as well.

Q: If I have XR content that I’d like to submit that isn’t built directly within Mozilla Hubs, can I submit that for this call?

A: Yes, XR content built within Unity and exported for the Web, or WebXR experiences built using other standard toolkits may be linkable from our Hubs environment. Please reach out to discuss your particular project with us.