Login to the ICMC Conference

1. Access the login page here:

2. Enter the email address used to register for the conference, and follow the prompts. An email will be sent to your inbox with a numerical code to enter in order to gain access. The email should arrive within 2 minutes. If it doesn’t, please check your spam / junk folder.

3. You are now in the conference. 

48 Hour Login Renewal

The login is timed to expire after 48 hours. When prompted to sign in, simply follow the procedure again to regain access. The login expiration is a security feature designed to protect the privacy of all userss of the conference. 

Deck 10 Tech Support

During ICMC participants can access Deck 10 tech support by clicking on the “Tech Support” button at the bottom left of the screen. Please allow some time for the support specialist to respond to your inquiry.  

ICMC Sessions

1. Login to the conference

2. Navigate to the time of the concert in the events section of the conference, click link. For installations and listening rooms, simply click on the appropriate link. 

3. View program information for each work by hovering over the left side of the screen and clicking on the appropriate work. Alternatively, clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the screen will also produce the program information. 

4. Participate live chat and applause by hovering over the right side of the screen during the performance. 

5. For concerts, panels and keynotes, works will not play until their respective scheduled time. Archived works will be available within a few days for on-demand viewing. 

Information for Paper Session Moderators and Presenters

1. Moderators: All paper Q&A sessions will be held in zoom after the paper videos are presented.   

2. Moderators should contact all of the presenters in your session, confirming time/date for their presentation. 

3. Presenters (having submitted videos), will watch the session through the Deck 10 format, and then enter the zoom session via the link to be provided during the session for Q&A in the last 20 minutes.  

4. Someone from Deck 10 will be in the Q&A zoom session.