Due to the pandemic, the conference will be hosted completely online using the Deck10 platform. This platform allows for scheduled live and pre-recorded presentations, and also on-demand access to the whole content of the conference after the events happen according to the programming of each event.

In general, we will present the majority of the content in a pre-recorded fashion, as this allows attendants from different time zones, or with intermittent or partial internet connections, to access all the content of the conference in a more convenient way. Also, this will allows us to control the timing of all events more precisely. The Deck10 platform allows for plenty of ways to interact with other presenters and members of the audience, either according to pre-established timelines or on-demand.

Presenters, please follow these instructions for preparing and uploading your media for presentation at the conference.

IMPORTANT: In general, if you do not submit new files or information using the links provided below, we will use the information you already submitted to the conference management system. You can check the information we have on file login into the CMT submission platform.


All papers accepted at the conference will be presented as pre-recorded oral talks in parallel sessions. We require presenters to record a 15 minute video of their talk and submit the talk using this form along with the camera-ready version of their paper. Authors are encouraged to attend the session where their paper is programmed, because in each of the parallel session there will be space for questions from the audience and authors will be given the opportunity to answer them. The audience would also be able to contact the authors at any time during the conference.


For concerts, it is possible to perform live using Deck10, especially live electronic pieces or mixed music where the composer performs or has access to performers, if the authors wish to do so. For acousmatic, audiovisual and mixed media pieces, we encourage authors to send us a video or audio file of the performance. If you are unable to create a video of your mixed music performance, please contact us by Slack or email.

For listening rooms, we will stream all audio files in mp3 stereo format on-demand, during the whole duration of the conference.

Installations and XR Music

We acknowledge that this format of presentation is not the most appropriate for installations. However, if you are able to produce a video showcasing your installation, please submit it using this form. Installations will be streamed on-demand during the whole duration of the conference.

For XR Music, we will use the Mozilla Hubs platform. Please send us the details of your work and definitive link using this form.

Panels and workshops

All panels and workshops will be presented live via zoom and the Deck10 platform.

Media formats

Audio: please submit your work in stereo mp3 format, 10 MBytes per minute.

Video: please submit your work in mp4 format, either at 29.9 or 30 fps, 100 MBytes per minute.


Please submit your definitive media files using the following links (papers, music, installations, XR music) by June 15th.


If you have any concerns or problem meeting any of these requirements, please contact us by email at rcadiz@uc.cl or via Slack.