Given the special circumstances we are living at the moment, we would to offer authors the opportunity to highlight and promote their work in advance and before the 2021 ICMC in Santiago, on our conference Facebook page and our website.

For paper authors, our plan is to publish abstracts, full preprint papers along with video abstracts. For music/installation authors, our plan is to publish program notes along with 1-minute audiovisual excerpts.

More information for each type of highlight media is available below.


For the paper track, we offer authors to publish preprint versions of all accepted papers. There are called preprint rather than camera-ready, in the sense that the content can vary slightly between now and next year, when camera-ready papers will be due.

Preprint versions should use the official ICMC templates, address the reviewer’s comments and suggestions, and contain the full author names, affiliation, references, and acknowledgments. Please proof-read your preprints before submitting them. Templates can be found here.

How to cite preprints

Please bear in mind that accepted papers will be officially published in the 2021 ICMC Proceedings. However, preprints can be cited in other works by specifying a forthcoming date, similar to the following example:

Hamilton, R., Forthcoming. “Trois Machins de la Grâce Aimante: a Virtual Reality String Quartet”, In Proceedings of the 2021 International Computer Music Conference, Santiago, Chile.   

Video abstracts

Accepted authors can provide a link to 1-minute video abstract highlighting the research discussed in the corresponding papers. Videos should contain the paper title, and author information and can be about any aspect of the research.

Music/installation excerpts

Accepted authors can provide a link to a 1-minute audio or audiovisual excerpt highlighting the accepted piece or installation. Videos should contain the piece title, year, and author information.