In the middle of Campus Oriente, the main venue for the conference, there is a neo-romanesque temple or church, which we plan to use for both organ an acousmatic concerts. It is a very beautiful space, with a large impulse response.

Main Temple at Campus Oriente. The organ can be seen at the end of the hall.


Impulse responses of this church were recorded with a balloon pops and with a sweep signal. Here you can find three measurements:

  1. Balloon 1, mono, recorded with a Shure SM81-LC microphone
  2. Balloon 2, stereo, recorded with a Zoom H4n digital recorder
  3. IR from sweep, stereo, recorded with a Zoom H4n digital recorder

These measurements are provided to get an approximate idea of the frequency response of the space, but they were not done under ideal conditions are not meant to be serious measurements.

Pipes from the old organ, later replaced by a virtual pipe organ.


Inside this church there is a Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ, which can play music directly from a MIDI file. The manual for this organ can be found here. Below there is a screenshot of the console for the model we have, showing all possible registrations for the instrument.

In order to get an idea of some of the sonic possibilities of this instrument, please listen to this album.